Large Area 7-Channel Silicon Drift Detector Array.

KETEK VA560 7-channel silicon drift detector array

Complete XRF multi-channel system including 7 fast CUBE SDDs, ultra-low-noise preamplifiers, 7 high performance digital pulse processors with USB2.0 interface, external control unit with all power supplies and cooling station.

  • 7 x 80 mm² = 560 mm² collimated area

  • FWHM < 139 eV @ 1 μs peaking time for Mn Kα-line
    (typ. < 132 eV)

  • Optimized for high input count rates up to 1 Mcps per channel and short peaking times down to 0.1 μs
  • Up to 7 Mcps detection rate of the full system
  • X-ray detection energy range from 1.5 keV to > 30 keV


Figure 1: Fe-55 spectrum of the VA560 of a) single channel with other channels switched off (grey) b) single channel with all channels switched on (purple). There is no crosstalk between the channels.

VA560 7-channel silicon drift detector array Spectrum

SDD Modules and Detector Head

  • New slim-line SDD modules with fast CUBE ASIC readout
  • Detector thickness: 450 μm
  • Each SDD equipped with an individual multilayer collimator (no spectral contamination)
VA560 7-channel silicon drift detector array Detector Window

Radiation Entrance Window

  • Large entrance window (45 mm diameter) made of 7.5 μm polyimide with 200 nm Al coating
  • Ceramics support grid for minimal spectral contamination
  • Transmittance comparable to 25 μm thick Beryllium window

Entrance Window Transmission

Figure 2: X-ray transmittance of the Al-coated polyimide window as a function of the photon energy, compared to 25 μm Beryllium.

VA560 7-channel silicon drift detector array Window Transmittance

External Control Unit

  • Individual preamp, power supply, and KETEK DPP2 for each channel
  • No crosstalk between the single channels
  • Rack contains system main switch and temperature and pressure monitoring (including system shutdown in failure case)
  • Channel status display and “channel ready” LEDs that indicate operating temperature has been reached

Technical Data

No. of detectors 7 x VITUS H80 CUBE Slim Line with multilayer on-chip collimator Total collimated area 560 mm²
FWHM at 5.9 keV ≤139 eV at 1 µs peaking time Peak-to-Background >10,000
SDD Si chip thickness 450 µm Detector window 7.5 μm aluminized polyimide foil supported by aluminum-oxide grid
Operating temperature range 5 to +30 °C Storage temperature range 5 to +30°C
Helium leak rate ≤1e-6 hPa l/s Pulse processing 7 x High-performance Digital Pulse Processor (VICO-DP)
Max. input count rate 1 Mcps per channel at 0.1 µs peaking time Data interface USB 2.0
Power supply 230/115 VAC