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KETEK is the world’s leading manufacturer of Silicon Drift Detectors, which are used in an almost infinite number of industrial material analysis applications. Our SDDs can be found in X-ray fluorescence spectrometers & electron microscopes – and our new Silicon Photomultipliers in all kind of photonic applications. Both contribute to countless material research experiments around the Earth  – and some even on Mars.
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The Gold Standard in Silicon Drift Detectors

Silicon Photomultipliers: Next Generation Versatility

3Aug 2017

VITUS SDDs with improved cooling performance

KETEK introduced at the 66th annual Denver X-ray Conference the new VITUS SDDs with significantly improved cooling performance, offering the best cooling efficiency and performance on the market: >20 K lower chip temperatures [...]

30Mar 2017

WB Series – Breakthrough in performance, robustness and costs

KETEK introduces the WB Series product line with next generation chip and package design. The new SiPM series excels with significantly reduced dark current, excellent PDE and allows even more [...]