KETEK is the world’s leading manufacturer of Silicon Drift Detectors, which are used in an almost infinite number of industrial material analysis applications. Our SDDs can be found in X-ray fluorescence spectrometers & electron microscopes – and our Silicon Photomultipliers in all kind of photonic applications. Both contribute to countless material research experiments around the Earth  – and some even on Mars.
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The Gold Standard in Silicon Drift Detectors

Silicon Photomultipliers: Next Generation Versatility

3Aug 2017

VITUS SDDs with improved cooling performance

KETEK introduced at the 66th annual Denver X-ray Conference the new VITUS SDDs with significantly improved cooling performance, offering the best cooling efficiency and performance on the market: >20 K lower chip temperatures [...]

24Sep 2018

Oktoberfest 2018 SiPM Discount Special

We are celebrating the 185th Oktoberfest with you and offer you a 18.5% discount on all our products in the SiPM Store. How it works: Just paste the promo code [...]