SiPM detectors with integrated electronics.
KETEK SiPM - TIA Modules

Unique Features

  • PM3315-WB or PM3325-WB SiPM based

  • Integrated Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA)

  • Integrated Controllable Bias Source

  • Tunable Output Offset

  • Plug and Play Solution for Optical Bench Mount
  • Direct Replacement for PMTs and APDs

Application Examples

Biophotonics SiPM Application


  • Cytometry

  • Fluorescence Measurements

  • Point-of-Care-Diagnostics

Hazard and Threat Detection SiPM Application

Hazard & Threat Detection

  • Single Photon Counting
  • Scintillator Readout
  • Handheld Devices
High Energy Physics SiPM Application

High Energy Physics

  • Single Photon Counting
  • High Linearity Measurements
  • Energy Measurements


Type Active Area [mm²] Microcell Size [µm] Features Dimensions
(L x W x H) [mm³]

Gain stabilized with temperature

3.0 x 3.0 15  High linearity, single photon counting 40 x 20 x 50

Gain stabilized with temperature

3.0 x 3.0 25 Low light intensities, single photon counting  40 x 20 x 50

Photo Detection Efficiency

Figure 1: Absolute Photo Detection Efficiency (PDE) of the WB Series SiPMs versus photon wavelength. The peak PDE is at 430 nm. WB Series SiPMs are sensitive over a wide range from 350 nm to 900 nm. The plot shows the values at 5.0 V overvoltage.

KETEK SiPM WB Series - Photo Detection Efficiency vs. Wavelength

KETEK SiPM WB Series - DCR vs. Overvoltage

SiPM Gain vs. Temperature

Figure 2: Comparison of the gain change with temperature for the unstabilized PE33xx-WB-TIA-SP and stabilized PE33xx-WB-TIA-TP. The accurracy of the stabilization is specified to be better than 2% (min/max).


Figure 3: Measurement of 8 Peaks Rainbow Calibration Particles at the MoFlo™ XDP (Beckman Coulter®) as a direct replacement of a PMT.
The output signal of PE3315-WB-TIA-SP was directly fed into the MoFlo™ XDP DAQ without further preprocessing or signal conditioning.

KETEK SiPM WB Series - Dynamic range and saturation response to a short laser pulse

KETEK SiPM WB Series - Pulse Shapes

Single Photon Spectrum

Figure 4: Both PE3315-WB-TIA and PE3325-WB-TIA show excellent single photon resolution.