SiPM Evaluation Kit


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SiPM-Evaluation Kit including preamplifier and cables for evaluation of any KETEK SiPM. Available for optical bench mount, compatible with Thorlabs® optomechanical components.

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SiPM-Evaluation Kit with preamplifier and 3 MCX-SMA cables for an easy operation and evaluation of any KETEK SiPM.
Available in two form factors:

  • Standard – Ideal for lab desk mount, two Evaluation Kits can be mounted facing each other.
  • Optical Bench – Ideal for optical bench applications. The SiPM is mounted in the center of a 1″ Thorlabs CP02/M – SM1-Threaded 30 mm Cage Plate.

Three different Evaluation PCB versions can be selected (identified by the last two letters):

  • AS – Evaluation PCB for the Standard Evaluation Kit, AC coupled, additional Monitor output
  • AR – Suitable for the Opticel Bench version, DC coupled, resistive tap with 51 Ω load
  • AX – For the Optical Bench version, AC coupled, additional Monitor output

Additional PCBs with premounted SiPMs can be purchased separately for each form factor: