Tailored to specific requirements.
KETEK Customized Array - Linear
SiPM Arrays customized to fit your application.

KETEK manufactures arrays tailored to the application requirements. E.g. the arrangement of the SiPMs, the dimensions of the printed circuit boards (PCB) and the connectors can be matched to provide a plug and play solution – either to existing electronics or the electronics provided by KETEK.

Together with our customers we work hand in hand for a successful implementation.

Unique Features

  • Based on any KETEK SiPM
  • Upon customer specification
  • Plug and play solution for your application

SiPM Downloads

Request For Quote – Custom SiPM Array

Linear Array with Scintillators

Figure 1: Linear Array with 32 PM3350-EB, each coupled to a scintillating crystal.

KETEK SiPM Customized Linear Array- 32 SiPMs with Scintillator

KETEK SiPM Customized 5x5 Array

Quadratic Array

Figure 2: Array in a 5×5 configuration with specific pitch, connector and routing. Made from 6×6 mm² SiPMs.

Custom Design

Figure 5: Custom build SiPM chip as an 8×8 array. Pixel size is 400×400 µm² with a pitch of 500 µm.

KETEK SiPM Customized SiPM Chip