Together with PETsys Electronics we provide complete readout solutions to read out up to several tens of thousands of our SiPMs. In combination with our OEM or Custom Arrays, it is the perfect symbiosis to get your application running.
Any KETEK SiPM works with the Multichannel Readout and can be used in various applications like e.g. Medical Imaging, Sorting & Recycling and High Energy Physics.

PM3325-WB with LYSO, Multi Channel Readout, Na-22 source

Energy Spectrum

Figure 1: Energy spectrum obtained with a radioactive ²² Na source and an LYSO crystal of 3x3x5 mm³ mounted on a PM3325-WB SiPM at 4 V overvoltage and at 20° C. The charge signal is integrated in a time window of 350 ns. The energy resolution at 511 keV is 10.5 % after correction for the SiPM non-linearity

Coincidence Time Resolution

Figure 2: CTR measured at 20°C with a ²²Na point source and two 3x3x5 mm³ LYSO:Ce crystals coupled to two PM3325-WB SiPMs with negative bias voltage of -31.7 V.

CTR of 2x PM3325-WB with LYSO, Multi Channel Readout

PM3325-WB with LYSO, Multi Channel Readout, Dark Count Rate

Dark Count Rate

Figure 3: Dark count rate of a PM3325-WB as a function of the threshold DAC setting. This measurement was performed at 4 V overvoltage and at 20° C .

The Evaluation Kit Contains

  • Two TOFPET2 ASIC test boards and two cables for connecting the test boards to the FEB/D board.
  • One FEB/D board providing regulated voltages, clock and reset signals to the ASIC, bias voltage to the SiPM and the interface to a PC.
  • Two KETEK PM3325-WB SiPMs mounted on boards that plug into the FEB/A boards, two LYSO crystals and radioactive source (²²Na) holder, for easy testing of the readout.
  • Firmware for the FEB/D board, allowing configuration of the ASICs, and readout of the data using Gigabit Ethernet. The FEB/D board is supplied with the firmware installed.
  • Application software for receiving the data in a PC.
  • Documentation

Operation Requirements

Not part of the standard evaluation kit package but needed.
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, 4 A
  • PC computer running Linux RHEL/CentOS 6.x or 7.x, 64-bit.
  • A Na²² source if the user wants to measure the coincidence time resolution with 511 keV gamma rays.

Further Information