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Excellent properties for highest measurement accuracy in the laboratory or at the point-of-care.

SiPMs enable a new era in bio-photonic applications. Due to their compact size, high photon detection efficiency, low dark count rate and excellent timing properties, the integration density in spectrometers can be significantly increased. Additionally their excellent temperature stability allows operation in handheld devices in many point-of-care applications.

Key Features

  • Excellent dark count rate

  • High dynamic range due to fast recovery time

  • Excellent timing properties

  • High photon detection efficiency in blue/green spectral range

  • Excellent temperature stability allows sensing in handheld devices

  • SiPM can be pre-configured with supply and readout circuit for most common transimpedance amplifiers

  • Small size allows high integration density, e.g. in spectrometric devices


  • Cytometry

  • Fluorescence Analysis

  • Two-Photon Excitation Microscopy

  • Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy

  • Spectroscopy