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Analog OEM Board for VITUS Silicon Drift Detector


VICO-AF / -AC electronics kits are the complete and compact solution for the optimum operation of all VITUS SDDs as

VICO-AF: FET as first SDD amplification stage

VICO-AC: CUBE ultra-low-capacitance ASIC as first stage

For SDD types from 7 mm² (H7) to 50 mm² (H50) active area

  • On-board temperature control for SDD

  • High voltage supplies for SDD

  • Ultra-low-noise pre-amplifier
  • Ramped reset type preamplifier output
  • Compact form factor 108 x 54 x 24 mm³


Figure 1: Typical Fe-55 spectrum of a 30 mm² KETEK VITUS SDD acquired with VICO-AF/AC. The digital post processing has been performed using the optional KETEK VICO-DP (DPP2) at 1 µs peaking time.

Typical Fe55 spectrum acquired with VICO-AF/AC

Schematic of VICO-AF/AC

PCB Topology

Figure 2: Topology of the VICO-AF/AC board

Operation Block Diagrams

Pin Assignment

Supply voltage

Pin Description Mnemonic
J1-1 +12 VDC +12 V
J1-2 Ground GND
J1-3 -12 VDC -12 V

SDD connection

Pin Description Mnemonic
J3-1 Peltier- P-
J3-2 Ring X RX
J3-3 Peltier+ P+
J4-1 Ring 1 R1
J4-2 Thermistor Th+
J4-3 Ground GND
J5-1 Back RK
J5-2 (FET / CUBE) Reset / VIO RS / VIO
J5-3 (FET / CUBE) Substrate / Vs SUB / Vs
J7-1 (FET / CUBE) Source / Vsss S / Vss
J7-2 (FET / CUBE) Drain / Signal FFD / QB
J7-3 (FET / CUBE) Feedback / Reset FB / RS

Programming potentiometers PRG

Pin Description Mnemonic
J8G$1 Ground ext. GND ext.
J8G$2 Down DN
J8G$3 Up UP
J8G$4 S1
J8G$5 S0
J8G$6 +5 VDC ext. +5 V ext.

Technical Data

Appropriate heat sink for SDD required
PCB Dimensions 108 x 54 x 24 mm³ (without connectors)
117 x 54 x 24 mm³ (with connectors)
Operating Temp. Range 0 to +50 °C
Storage Temp. Range -25 to +85 °C
RoHS-compliant Yes
EMI Approved
Weight 75 g with connectors
Positive supply +12 VDC (+11.4 VDC to +12.6 VDC) +10.8 to +13 VDC
Negative supply -12 VDC (-11.4 VDC to -12.6 VDC) -10.8 to -13 VDC
VICO-AC/AF Positive current -35 °C chip temp. +200 mA +750 mA
Negative current -30 mA -375 mA
Signal output Ramped reset type

Connector types

USB non functional Preamp Out Lemo EPS.00.250
Temp Out Lemo EPS.00.250 Power In Binder 09-0077-00-03

Matching connectors

Preamp Out Lemo FFS.00.250 Temp Out Lemo FFS.00.250
Power In Binder 99-0076-100-03