Electronic components for applications with VITUS Silicon Drift Detectors

VICO-PA preamplifier
VICO-HV high voltage power supply
VICO-TC TEC temperature controller
VICO-EV OEM evaluation board


KETEK has developed a new product family of discrete electronic components, engineered specifically for operation with VITUS Silicon Drift Detectors. These VICO-called electronic components offer OEM customers fast time-to-market. Approved electronic circuits are complimented with a well documented design and comprise a powerful engineering tool. The additional available VICO-EV evaluation board is a tailored OEM development platform for customized OEM spectrometer designs.

  • VICO electronics are packaged in flat and minute, standard DIL housings and can therefore be easily adapted by using standard 2.54 mm sockets.
  • VICO electronics are designed and tested to fulfill European CE regulations regarding electromagnetic emission and immunity. In order to ensure that the requirements of the EMC directives are upheld, the final equipment must be assessed afresh.
  • Magnetic shielding of the VICO components ensures maximum operating margin even in the case of electromagnetic interference generated by neighboring X-ray sources or switch-mode power supplies.