PM33 in SMD package


Active area 3 x 3 mm2 - 25 µm or 50 μm microcell type
Silicon Photomultiplier in chip size package for single photon detection

The KETEK PM3325 and PM3350 is due to its balance between high geometrical efficiency and numbers of micro pixels a wide application field sensor.


  • Single photon counting
  • High photon detection efficiency
  • Optimized for blue light
  • High gain and excellent timing properties
  • Low dark count rate and low cross talk probability
    especially for trench type
  • Huge bias voltage range of stable operation
  • Extremely low temperature coefficient

Device Characteristics

Geometrical Data

Active Sensor Area

3.0 x 3.0 mm2

Micropixel Size

25 µm or 50 µm

Number of Pixel

3600 or 14400

Photo Detection Efficiency

up to 38%


The PM33 standard encapsulation is a compact, cost efficient and reliable plastic package. It is suitable for most applications even in harsh industrial environments. The wire bonded chip is molded in a highly transparent epoxy.

PM33 is available in SMD type package.

Package Geometry

Figure 3

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