PM1150 in SMD-Package
PM1150 in SMD-Package


Active area 1.2 x 1.2 mm² – 25 µm and 50 μm microcell type – SMD

Silicon Photomultiplier in chip size package for single photon detection


  • Single photon counting
  • High photon detection efficiency
  • Optimized for blue light
  • High gain and excellent timing properties
  • Low dark count rate and low cross talk probability
    especially for trench type
  • Huge bias voltage range of stable operation
  • Extremely low temperature coefficient

Device Characteristics

Geometrical Data

Active Sensor Area

1.2 x 1.2 mm2

Micropixel Size

25 µm or 50 µm

Number of Pixel

2304 or 576

Photo Detection Efficiency

up to 46%


The PM11 has a compact, cost efficient and reliable package, suitable for most applications even in harsh industrial environments. Its wire bonded chip is completely encapsulated with a highly transparent epoxy. PM11 is available in SMD package.

Package Geometry

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