Additional Equipment for the optimised Use of KETEK's Silicon Drift Detectors



KETEK's Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) is a specially designed pulse forming amplification board for VITUS Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) that offers a fully digital, low-noise, software-controlled and high-performance digital shaping amplifier. It shows excellent energy resolution, low peak shift, high linearity, high throughput and stable input count rate behaviour with low peak shift and stable energy resolution for count rates up to 500,000 counts.

  • 25MHz clock frequency
  • Digital gated integrator pulse forming
  • 16 programmed peaking time constants
  • INL ±0.5 LSB
  • DNL <1.0%
  • Peak shift <1channel
  • Digital base line restoring
  • Peak detection and pile-up rejection
  • Threshold settings
  • Digital gain settings
  • Built-in oscilloscope
  • 8k built-in multi channel analyzer
  • Timing block
  • Electronic control of sensor parameters
  • Sensor parameter reading
  • USB 2.0 full speed
  • Acquisition software for Windows XP


Pre Amp

KETEK's preamplifier is a specially designed amplification board for VITUS Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD) that offers a low-noise, charge sensitive, reset type mechanism with either internal or external reset controlled by onboard jumpers. In both cases, the height of reset pulse and therefore the reset frequency can be adjusted on-board to any kind of solid state detectors. The preamplifier also provides a bias control for operating point setting of the detector's FET by adjusting the bulk or substrate voltage.

  • Charge sensitive
  • Reset type
  • Low-noise
  • Adjustable reset pulse
  • Internal and/or external reset mechanism
  • Ramped output
  • High gain
  • Low power consumption
  • Available with SUB-D or LEMO connectors
  • On-board linear voltage regulators
  • Wide voltage input range (17.5V ≤ VIN ≤ 30V)
  • Developed for VITUS SDDs
  • Adjustable FET substrate voltage

Protection Caps

Protection Cap
Clip-on protection cap with multilayer collimator for VITUS SDD and AXAS
Fixed protection cap with multilayer collimator for AXAS

For all VITUS SDD and AXAS units a specially designed clip-on protection cap is available. It provides an additional external multilayer collimator to protect the SDD's entrance window. In addition, it further improves P/B and P/T of the detector. For AXAS detectors a fixed version is available, too.



The software DLL provides the possibility to control all necessary DPP parameters such as peaking time, gain, threshold and reading out the spectra. It is available for LabView, C, Delphi and Visual Basic.

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